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Hi! I’m Luke (in Polish Łukasz) and I write and sing my songs. Whatever brings you here, I invite you to explore my music and to find out more about the man who makes it.

I would describe my music as indie folk pop, however, feel free to name it the way you prefer. The bottom line is my influences range from folk to chamber pop to minimalist music to Polish tradition of sung poetry and they don’t stop there. I grew up listening to hundreds of film scores and that too shaped my music taste. There are characteristic qualities to my songwriting, especially my fondness of rich, emotive harmonies and memorable melodies – my songwriting process usually begins with a vocal line that pops into my head and then I’m looking for the right harmonies to weave the melody into. The lyrics come last, and they are my intuitive response to the emotions I experience when playing (and humming) the song again and again.  

In February, I released my first single, which met with a warm reception from my listeners and indie blogs – Right Chord Music wrote “Luke Spark has put his all into ‘I’m Gonna Be’ with his voice clear and decisive, his lyrics fluttering from the page into the ears of whoever chooses to listen.” Speaking of the lyrics, I wanted to tell a story from my early adulthood; the struggles I faced as a young LGBT+ person living in Poland, depression that followed and the hope that guided me through that difficult time.

I don’t come from a family of musicians, but I’ve always had ear for music: when I was ten, I topped the kids chart of my hometown radio for many weeks singing covers of all-time Polish favourites. I lacked nurturing environment at the time, and my flair for music had to wait for another ten years to be rediscovered. All it took was falling in love for the first time and in a one-sided way. It was then that I discovered singers-songwriters who expressed the whole new universe of emotions I was experiencing – the pain, vulnerability, and profound sadness, which, surprisingly, made me feel alive. Anthony and the Johnsons and his ’I Am a Bird Now’ opened my mind, my heart, and my ears to a different quality in music – acoustic, beautifully simple in arrangements and authentic more than anything else I’d ever heard before. Around that time, I also discovered Bruce Springsteen, Rufus Wainwright and Polish sung poetry classics – all resonating with the new, evolved version of myself. I started playing the piano and working on covers of my beloved songs – it was magical and felt like flying.

Then came prosaic life – never ending job search in a crisis-stricken economy, facing intolerance in everyday situations and a family conflict. In 2013, to try my luck elsewhere, I moved to the UK and started building my life from scratch. Slowly (and painfully) I worked my way through anxiety and depression, to find the new sense of purpose in songwriting. As a self-taught musician, I practiced with one goal in my mind – I wanted to record my songs to get my story heard. In 2021 I started looking for a local recording studio with a grand piano and that’s how I heard about Bristol-based Alma Vale Studios, run by a producer and guitarist Luke Cawthra. It was his previous producer credit on ‘When the Lights are Bright’ by Marshes (ft. Beth Porter) – a charmingly acoustic chamber pop album – that convinced me to collaborate with Luke. The results of our work are now available for you all to listen and (hopefully) enjoy. More it’s on its way so subscribe below to my newsletter for updates.



The Riddle

Single. Released on 10th June 2022

Third single available soon.

1. I’m Gonna Be

Luke Spark - Anything - Single Cover Art


Single. Released on 8th April 2022

Debut single available now

1. I’m Gonna Be

Luke Spark - I'm Gonna Be - Single Cover Art

I’m Gonna Be (Radio Version)

Single. Released on 4th March 2022

Debut single available now

1. I’m Gonna Be


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