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The Riddle

Third single available now.


Hi! I’m Luke and I write folk-infused ballads. I place the stripped-back acoustic sound of my music somewhere between folk-pop and chamber pop. As a neurodivergent person, I’m easily overwhelmed with noise, and I choose to create a calm kind of music with soothing quality and simple production. We can all benefit from having more space to reflect and rewire, and I hope my music can support you in this.

In February, I released my first single, which met with a warm reception from listeners and indie blogs alike. Right Chord Music wrote about my second single, ‘Anything’: “Luke proves his talent once again with ‘Anything’, which is a breath-taking story about a relationship that falls apart completely and how something so meaningful can be lost, a theme that more than one person can relate to.” My third single, ‘The Riddle’, was praised by RGM: “It’s encouraging to see someone using their platform to openly bring about topics that are often brushed under the carpet.” In this bitter-sweet ballad reminiscent of early Elton John, I explored the perspective and experience of people who share their lives with someone unable to open emotionally.

If it comes to my background, I don’t come from a family of musicians. However, I’ve always had an ear for music: when I was ten, I topped the kids’ chart of my hometown radio for many weeks singing covers of all-time Polish favourites. Funnily enough, it was only thanks to my schoolmates that I learned about the success as I felt discouraged with the studio recording experience, and I didn’t listen to the radio afterwards! However, my flair for music had to wait for another ten years to be rediscovered after I managed to overcome my high school depression.

It may come as no surprise, that inspiration to write songs came from falling in love for the first time. It was then that I discovered singers-songwriters who expressed the whole new universe of emotions I was experiencing—the pain, vulnerability, and profound sadness, which, surprisingly, made me feel alive. Anthony and the Johnsons and his ’I Am a Bird Now’ opened my mind, my heart, and my ears to a different quality in music—acoustic, beautifully simple in arrangements and authentic more than anything else I’d ever heard before. Around that time, I also discovered Bruce Springsteen, Rufus Wainwright and Polish sung poetry classics – all resonating with the new, developed version of myself. I started playing the piano and working on covers of my beloved songs —it was magical.

Then came prosaic life—never ending job search in a crisis-stricken economy, facing intolerance as an LGBT+ person and family struggles. In 2013, to try my luck elsewhere, I moved to the UK and started building my life from scratch. Slowly I worked my way through anxiety while rediscovering the sense of purpose in songwriting. As a self-taught musician, I learned to play the piano to get my story heard. In 2021 I started looking for a local recording studio with a grand piano, and that’s how I learned about Bristol-based Alma Vale Studios, run by a producer and guitarist Luke Cawthra. It was his previous producer credit on ‘When the Lights are Bright’ by Marshes (ft. Beth Porter)—a endearingly acoustic chamber pop album—that convinced me to collaborate with Luke. The results of our work are now available for you all to listen and enjoy. More it’s on its way so subscribe below to my newsletter for updates and follow my Instagram. I’m also curating my own playlists (below) and they can offer you a glimpse of my inspirations and my music taste.



The Riddle

Third single released in June 2022


Second single released in April 2022

I’m Gonna Be

Debut single released in February 2022

1. I’m Gonna Be

My Playlists

Folk Pop – Spotify playlist

Folk meets Pop. Listen to warm acoustic vibes from well-known and up-and-coming artists. Genres included: Singer/Songwriter, Indie Folk, Folk-Pop, Chamber Pop, Acoustic Pop and a dollop of Country.

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Piano ballads – Spotify playlist

My second most popular playlist – a selection of sad, melancholic and lyrical songs. All with prominent use of piano (grand piano). Genres included: Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Acoustic Pop, Folk-Pop, Indie Folk, Chamber Pop.

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