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The Riddle

Third single available now.

Luke finds his own slice of happiness in crafting soothing ballads. Through his deeply personal songwriting—a blend of folk, chamber pop, and sung poetry—he invites us to set aside our everyday masks and allow ourselves to be unabashedly sentimental, even if just for a few minutes.

In 2022, Luke released his debut singles, which met with a warm reception from listeners and indie blogs alike. Right Chord Music wrote about the second single: “Luke proves his talent once again with ‘Anything’, which is a […] story about a relationship that falls apart completely and how something so meaningful can be lost, a theme that more than one person can relate to.” His third single, ‘The Riddle’, was praised by RGM: “It’s encouraging to see someone using their platform to openly bring about topics that are often brushed under the carpet.” In the bitter-sweet ballad, Luke explores the perspective and experience of people who share their lives with someone unable to open up emotionally.

Luke’s music journey began at the age of ten when he topped the local radio kids’ chart with covers of timeless Polish favourites. Ironically, he discovered this success through schoolmates, having been initially discouraged by the studio experience. Despite this early recognition, Luke’s flair for music lay dormant for a decade until he overcame high school depression.

In his early twenties, Luke discovered artists such as Antony and the Johnsons, Damien Rice, Ben Folds and Bruce Springsteen. Their music opened a door to the universe of intimate songwriting, which resonated with Luke’s need to hear his inner voice. In addition, Polish sung poetry shaped Luke’s music taste and lyrical sensitivity, namely Marek Grechuta and Grzegorz Turnau.

Currently, based in the vibrant music hub of Bristol, UK, Luke’s creations come to life through collaborations with local talents. Noteworthy contributors include producer and guitarist Luke Cawthra (Beth Porter) and drummer Matthew Jones (Elles Bailey).



Streets of Philadelphia

Released in May 2024

The Riddle

Third single released in June 2022


Second single released in April 2022

I’m Gonna Be

Debut single released in February 2022

1. I’m Gonna Be

My Playlists

Folk Pop – Spotify playlist

Folk meets Pop. Listen to warm acoustic vibes from well-known and up-and-coming artists. Genres included: Singer/Songwriter, Indie Folk, Folk-Pop, Chamber Pop, Acoustic Pop and a dollop of Country.

Piano ballads – Spotify playlist

A selection of sad, melancholic and lyrical songs. All with prominent use of piano (grand piano). Genres included: Singer-Songwriter, Indie, Acoustic Pop, Folk-Pop, Indie Folk, Chamber Pop.



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