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I’m Gonna Be – Debut Single

Out On 4th February 2022

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Luke Spark is the stage name of the Bristol-based Polish singer songwriter Łukasz Iskierka. In early 2022 Luke will self-release his debut singles – a genre-blend of acoustic pop, contemporary classical music, film score and sung poetry. His songwriting is rich in emotive harmonies and infectious melodic lines, under honest and deeply personal lyrics. His distinctively warm voice expresses captivating mixture of vulnerability and strength.

Luke’s ear for music was obvious from an early age: when he was just ten he topped the kids chart of his home town radio for weeks, singing covers of all-time Polish favourites. However, lacking the proper guidance, Luke’s flair for music had to wait for another ten years to be rediscovered.

During his high school Luke suffered from depression. To cope he immersed himself in the world of films and soon took an interest in their making; he wrote screenplays and directed short films casting his school mates in main roles. This unintentional creative therapy helped him to overcome depression and, since then, creativity has been an integral part of his life.

Luke discovered his love for playing the piano, singing and songwriting in his early twenties – around that time he also fell in love for the first time and realised he was gay. Soon came a breakdown in his family relationship and the struggle of everyday life in a homophobic society. Working with session musicians in Warsaw, he recorded demo material in 2011, but burdened by low self-esteem, Luke gradually lost confidence in his project and left it behind for many years to come. Facing oppression in a country where one’s sexuality can make them a second class citizen, he left Poland and decided to try his luck elsewhere.

Moving to the UK two years later marked the beginning of a challenging period during which Luke had to build his life from scratch. After 2016 referendum, Britain was on course for Brexit and the resulting environment only worsened his sense of alienation and anxiety. Luckily, music came to his rescue and Luke found safe haven in songwriting. He taught himself to play the piano while working on his songs and soon ventured out to find a suitable collaborator for his deeply personal project. In 2021, when businesses reopened after the Covid-19 lockdown was lifted, he met producer and guitarist Luke Cawthra (Marc Ford, Beth Porter, Nuala Honan, TV composition works); together they invited many great local session musicians to the project. 



Luke Spark - I'm Gonna Be - Single Cover Art

I’m Gonna Be – Single

Luke Spark

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Debut single coming in early 2022

1. I’m Gonna Be



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